A Five Minute Re-Charge

“If I only had time to re-charge, I could get all my work done and refocus my brain.” Ever had that thought? “But I just don’t have the time to stop.” Ever had that response? All you really need is five minutes away to re-charge.

April sit spot mountains - five minute recharge
My five minute re-charge – sometimes you get beauty like this

Think about it? If you plug your phone in for five minutes, it gets a re-charge. Why not you? Ideally, your five minute re-charge spot would be somewhere without noise pollution and without concrete. But we all know Mother Nature can sometimes be quite elusive.

So, when you can’t find her, but still desperately need those five minutes away to simply breathe and not think, here are a few simple tips to give you a five minute-re-charge.

Find a hiding place.

Yes, like a kid, find your own little hiding spot. It can literally be under a desk, in a corner of your parking lot, in your car, if necessary. Anywhere you cannot be found for five minutes.

Do not bring your device with you.

Yes, that means you will not be in contact with the rest of the world for an entire five minutes. You will survive.

Leave your thoughts with your phone.

Easier said than done, however, they will be waiting for you when you get back.

Do nothing.

You may focus on your breathing. You may focus on a rock or an ant or your steering wheel. You may not focus on your thinking.

That’s it. Try this at least two times a day. Actually, to get really good at this five minute re-charge thing, turn it into ten minutes in nature when you can. Your energy and focus will re-charge just as though you have plugged yourself into a wall.

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