Debrief the Plan: Real Lessons Learned From Your Story

Welcome to the third in our three part series of planning, where we break down exactly how to 1) develop a plan, 2) work the plan and 3) debrief the plan.

In the first part of this series, we taught you how to develop a plan, consisting of these three steps:

  1. Decide to be well.
  2. Brainstorm the things you love to do, have to do, hate to do.
  3. Create a simple plan to do more of the things you love to do, change your mindset on things you have to do, resulting in less of the things you hate to do.

In the second part, we shared with you our Self-Care September plans in action through an action-packed video of us following through. In other words, we did what we planned to do. Did you?

Debrief the Plan

Now we get to see what we learned from planning the plan and working the plan. Did we really learn something from all of this? Will we be able to continue on our path to wellness, whatever that may be?

How do you debrief?

The answers to those questions are really up to you. It doesn’t have to be anything formal, it can simply be reflection: thinking back on what you did and how you felt, or journaling about your day or week or month. It could be a conversation with your partner, friend, co-workers.

At INH, we have a weekly team meeting, where we talk more about personal feelings and how we’re dealing with the world, more than actual work things to get done. However, in this line of business of creating wellness for ourselves and others, talking about our personal lives, is a huge part of our work. This past month, we stepped back a bit, utilizing September as self-care September. So this week we discussed how all of this was going. Did our plan for self-care September become something sustainable? Did we figure anything out about ourselves?

This would be our team meetings if we lived in the same place.

Don’t let life get in the way of joy.

Honestly, while we all learned that we needed this time to gather thoughts, enjoy nature, spend time with family, I think we all also learned that self-care September needs to be self-care Oct, Nov, Dec… Taking care of yourself is not just something you do once a year; it’s something that allows you to re-energize and brings joy to your life on a daily basis. And we get it. That’s a hard thing to do. I don’t have to be the one to tell you that life gets in the way of joy. We all let that happen. It seems to come naturally to let the things that we love to do, the things that bring us pure unadulterated joy, go by the wayside. Those are the first things that get changed in our calendars (if it’s even written down at all), crossed out or erased, replaced with some mundane task that for some reason we see as more important than creating joy in our lives.

Where did that come from? In what society is it ok to replace joy with blah? Ours, apparently. We do it all the time, and unfortunately, have become experts at it. I don’t have a desire to become an expert at any one thing; there are too many things to experience in this world to choose just one. And I refuse to be sucked into societal dictations of how others expect my life to unfold, including replacing my joy with blah.

Let your joy shine through!

It’s not easy to go against what everyone thinks you should be doing; it takes a conscious effort. But, you all have heard it, “Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

A Debrief: Real Lessons from a Real Story

It truly is about mindset. During our meeting this week, Theresa enforced this belief. It’s why I love her. It’s why you love her. It’s why we both trust her. This is Theresa’s debrief, straight from her. Raw, unfiltered thoughts that I dictated straight from the recordings of our meeting. I am so glad that you get to be a part of this.

“Look at what’s happening. The levels of stress are so high. Nobody really knows how to dive in under these troubled times.

I have conversations with people quite often that start out like this, ‘Look at what my employer’s forcing me to do….’

My response: ‘No, you’re choosing to do that.’

Just the words that people are using. You’re not being forced. Once you say you’re being forced, you’re a victim.

If you’re saying it differently, ‘I need to pay my bills so I’m going to chose to make this compromise for a bit, even though it’s not what I like.’

Those words tell a completely different story. No, you’re not a victim. You’re a well-educated person who’s making clear choices for the direction of your life.

The end result of these conversations with people is, ‘I feel so much better.’

And they didn’t do anything different than change the story they’re telling themselves and taking ownership.

When my granddaughters tell me they can talk to trees and feel better because I’ve taught them how important nature is. When I can help someone change their self-talk. That’s a win. That’s yoga therapy.

I’m a yoga therapist. I don’t teach a yoga class. I teach yoga therapy. To learn, to reflect and meditate and breathe and make intentional choices. To learn how to not be an asshole to yourself all the time and spend all this time buried in stress of your own creation because you’re telling yourself your story. What’s the story you’re telling yourself? How are you self sabotaging? Change your story.”

What story will you tell, and where will it lead you?

What story will you tell?

Debrief your plan. Ask yourself, “What’s my story?” How are you telling it to others? Listen to your self-talk. The world doesn’t need more assholes. The world needs more of you, so stop being an asshole to yourself, and change the way you tell your story. That’s how you bring joy back into your life. That’s how you change the world.

One story at a time.

Do you need help changing your story. Do you need a more in-depth detailed plan to do so? Do you need to discuss what you need with someone who can help you determine that need? Don’t wait until tomorrow. Make that “someday statement” happen now. Sign up for your very own personal discovery session today, where we will not only help you create a plan, we’ll help you work it, understand it, and love it. Make the decision to be well today, so tomorrow you won’t have to worry about being unwell.

Make Your Someday Your Nowday.

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Need more information before signing up? We understand. Contact Theresa Macy, Education Guru.

Articles to Help Change Your Story.

One of the first steps in changing your story is learning how to listen. Gain valuable insight into how to listen to yourself and to others. “A closed mind causes separation, not opposing opinions. I respect that we may not agree, but please do not stop at one scenic overlook and believe you have seen all the differing landscapes.” (Theresa Macy)

Telling your story and finding joy is pretty simple from a nine-year-old’s perspective. There’s always something to learn from a child. “My state of mind is now so low that I might need help getting out of it. I think I should be able to do what I want to do, to increase my state of mind.” (Aurelius, nine-year-old)

You have to choose joy. You have to choose the story you tell yourself and others. You have the power. “What will you choose to see as you part your curtains for the day?  Will you see a day full of darkness and stress? Or will you choose to see a day full of light and abundance.”

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