Exercise Tips and Tricks for your Lifestyle

It’s a reality. No matter what our lifestyles consist of, we need to stay fit enough to be able to maintain the one we want. You may be an aerial gymnast trying to find time to go grocery shopping or you may be a grandmother simply trying to keep up with your grandkids. Where ever you are on the fitness line, wellness plays a part. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to get any and all exercise tips and tricks to get me started.

Jeremy on a Hike exercise and fitness with Remy
Jeremy (INH’s Growth & Development Guru) and Remmy

Exercise Tip & Trick #1: Moderation

According to the CDC almost 40% of American adults are considered obese. It really is no wonder this number is so high. With a world that seems to encourage obesity over athleticism, pushing ease over well-being, pre-packaged easy to toss in a microwave food products, drive-thrus with cheap and quick food offerings, and expensive good-for-you foods, well you can see why.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love craft beer and pizza and hamburgers and French fries and all the food that generally pairs with the beer, so in the spirit of Julia Roberts:

I have no interest in being obese, but I’m going to eat the pizza, drink the beer, and enjoy every second of it. If I need to, I’ll go buy myself some bigger jeans.

From the movie Eat, Pray, Love

It seems as though the second we deny ourselves something, we want it more. I think we regress back to our teenage years when our parents say no, so we have to go against them and piss them off. After all, if its denied, it’s gotta be crazy awesome! 

So don’t deny, just moderate. I love my beer, but I am fully aware that that damn beer can pack a mighty powerful punch, both with ABV and calories! Aren’t there diet beers out there?  No, I’m not drinking Michelob Ultra! So, I guess I have to figure out other ways to watch my waistline if I don’t want to give up my beloved craft beer and French fries.

I suppose I will also do a little bit of exercising. I do like feeling strong, healthy, and sexy, almost just as much as indulging in my favorite beverages.

What’s your story? How will you create a life that includes all the things you indulge in? If you need help finding that moderation and kickstarting your best life, sign up now for your unique Discovery Session.

Exercise Tip & Trick #2: Change Your Mindset

I live on the road, and this makes exercise difficult sometimes. Other times, it’s the easiest thing in the world. You may travel a lot, live on the road, too, or be stationary.

It doesn’t matter. Yes, it’s easier to work out or stay active when you know exactly where everything is – the gym, the trails, your workout clothes, your motivator friends, but again, it doesn’t matter.

We are pretty good at making excuses no matter where we happen to be. Mindset is what starts us all on the right footing. Once we have changed the way we think about our activities, we can then learn to enjoy them instead of looking at exercise as a chore. Yes, we may still need accountability and community, but changing mindset is the number one way to get started living your best life.

Theresa and Larry in nature for fitness and wellness
Theresa (INH’s Education Guru) and Larry (INH’s Tech Guru)

Exercise Tip & Trick #3: Take Risks and Challenge Yourself

You are an adult. You get to choose the exercises you love. Sometimes those involve risks. You are a responsible adult, so choose your exercise to match your knowledge and ability, or hire someone to help you do so.

Two of my loves are mountain biking and craft beer. Notice the order of that. If you choose to drink a beer and then hop on a mountain bike and go speeding down Slick Rock in Moab, I suppose that’s your prerogative. I would recommend a different order in that scenario, but you get to choose your demise.

To the point? Acknowledge that any kind of exercise has risks, some more than others obviously, but driving down the highway at 70 mph in a car or flying across an ocean in a big machine that has wings, well, that has risks, too. You just have to choose what makes you grin and giggle and brings you joy and what scares the shit out of you. Pick something in between that, and life becomes an adventure. 

Exercise Tip & Trick #4: Make an Appointment with Yourself

I can hear your voice in my head, “I have too many things to do. The trails take too long to get to. I don’t have time for exercise, even if I make it fun.” I can keep going, but why? You know my answer.

You have to decide to make time for exercise. Don’t rely on your partner or anyone else to do this for you. It needs to be a priority, like a date on your calendar that cannot be changed. Days get away fast and by the end of the day, you have no energy to move, so just know you. Should you exercise in the morning, or will you actually go to the gym after work? I mean it – schedule it, stand by it.

Or maybe what you need is a date with Mother Nature. Yes, you can go outside during a pandemic. Turn off the news, grab a mask if you must, but get your ass out into Mother Nature. She can cure almost anything.

Your exercise time is your time. Your time to work on you, to love you, to create a better you for all those people that rely on you.

If you love taking classes to get you moving and get time placed on your calendar, check out our variety of personal development classes. We’ve got everything from Tech Talks to Yoga to Nutrition to Inspiration and more.

Theresa in Arizona for fitness and exercise
Theresa (INH’s Education Guru)

Exercise Tip & Trick #5: Move When You Can

Sometimes you’ll have a perfect workout scheduled and the time allotted for it, and then life gets in the way, regardless of our best intentions and diligent placement on the calendar.

Now you only have 15 minutes. Fine, move for 15 minutes: throw on a workout video, play some music and dance, do some yoga, just move. It’s better than nothing, and you won’t beat yourself up over missing your workout.

Exercise Tip and Trick #6 – Tackle a Workout You Love

Just like in life, not everything we have to do to accomplish the things we want to do is fun and brings us joy, but a good majority of that shit better bring you joy.

It is the same with exercising, not everything we do will bring us joy, but the results should. For example, mountain biking and snowboarding don’t feel like exercise to me. They bring me a great amount of joy, not a chore.

Lifting weights, a bit of a different story. I like it ok, but I have to make myself do that. I like the results from lifting, the strength and power I feel and knowing that it contributes to getting me better at doing what I love – biking and boarding. So, it’s a necessary evil, but it gets me to my joy.

Ken and April biking in North Carolina for fitness and exercise
Me (April, INH’s Storytelling Guru) and my BFF

Exercise Tip & Trick #7: Give Your Body Some Love

If you skip a day or two or maybe even a week (don’t do that), forgive yourself, and then just start again. Exercising isn’t something that you only do for a few months, and then you never have to do it again. Exercising is something you’ll do for the rest of your life, so when you accomplish a workout, celebrate yourself. And when you miss a workout, don’t cuss yourself out, embrace it.

You also have to decide to find the place that makes you happy. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your body is a wondrous piece of work, and if you move it and have fun doing so while also loving the good food and beer, and you are healthy and happy, then your body is perfect: curves, imperfections, and all.

Ken on beach in Jacksonville Florida posing for a fitness shot staying fit while traveling
My partner for life

Exercise Tip & Trick #8: It’s OK to Take a Break

When I get into a mood, I can become almost addictive in my personality. If I have set a nutritional/exercise plan in place, at times I let that take over everything else in life. Including not enjoying a special beer with special people for a special event.

That’s not what exercising is about. It’s ok to derail your plan for a day to enjoy a special moment. What’s not ok is to tell yourself that every moment is a special moment and therefore it deserves a special beer and special food. You’ve then ruined your special, because your special has now become the everyday.

Moderation, please.

April in hammock for wellness
Me doing nothing

Exercise Tip & Trick #9: No SMART Goals Needed

What’s your goal with exercise? Write it down. It doesn’t have to be numbers related. It doesn’t have to be one of those beautifully, well thought out SMART goals. It just need to resonate with you, fit you, and make sense for you. And it needs to be full of action.

Need examples? These are my goals.

  • I will ride up that damn mountain on my bike, and fly down on my snowboard. 
  • I will pick up a large piece of something and shock the shit out of the guys that thought I couldn’t do it because I’m a girl.
  • I will fit in my clothes, without buying bigger jeans. 
  • I will feel comfortable in my bikini walking on the beach or playing in the water. 
  • I will enjoy all the good food and all the good beer, and the more I exercise, the more I get to do that. 


Now that you are an expert on all the exercise tips and tricks, you may need some ideas to get you started. There are so many ways to exercise; the possibilities are endless. Let go of your pre-conceived notions of what exercise is, and just get out there and move.

Put a smile on your face while doing so, and you may actually find yourself having some fun.

  • walk, run, hike
  • mountain biking or road biking
  • watch workout videos (and do the workout) It doesn’t count if you have a beer in hand, sitting on the couch watching videos.
  • yoga or something like it (I partake in the something like it version)
  • bodyweight workout
  • go to the gym
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training), cross fit
  • Zumba, belly dancing, or any dancing
  • Muay Thai, or kickboxing, or martial arts of any type
  • kayak or paddleboard or rowing
  • tennis, basketball, baseball, football, hockey
  • disc golf or golf (walk, no cart)
  • snowboarding, skiing, cross country skiing, ice skating
  • swimming, water aerobics
  • sign up for a race 
  • play…with your pets, your kids, by yourself, on a jungle gym, chase your own ass if that makes you giggle
  • a combination of any of the above
  • MOVE!

Helpful Tools

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain

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