the best gift you can give your body, mind, and spirit is your attention

Yoga Group Classes

Adaptive Yoga - Issues in the Tissues

A journey of inner reflection and self-discovery, Yoga for Issues in the Tissues, is a gentle, explorative, and meditative class. The practice of deeply listening to the whispers and patterns of the physical and subtle bodies empowers self-healing. Together we take the time to deeply listen to, acknowledge and respect the body's requests. Discover patterns of issues and use ancient yogic tools of wisdom as gateways to become centered in self.

Adaptive Yoga - Wrist Free and Shoulder Friendly

Warrior flows, balance poses, twists and hip openers take the lead in this wrist and shoulder friendly flow class. If you are missing your flow due to a wrist or shoulder injury this is perfect for you. AND if you love your flow and want to play with new sequences, this is perfect for you. There are no down dog or chaturanga poses but we know how to flow!

This Is How We Roll

A SOFT foam roller is used as a tool of awareness and self-care. Connecting to the sensation of the body builds a conscious awareness of the various textures and patterns of restriction and ease. Healthy tissue is resilient, elastic, flexible, and fluid. 

Robert Schleip, a fascial researcher wrote,  “the water is pushed out of the more stressed zones similarly to squeezing a sponge (Schleip & Klingler 2007).With the release that follows; this area is again filled with new fluid which comes from surrounding tissue as well as the lymphatic and vascular network. The sponge-like connective tissue can lack adequate hydration at neglected places." 

Come roll with us!

Yin Yoga

Stillness is not empty, it is filled with answers. The body stills, the mind quiets, and the internal landscape awakens. Surrender to the practice of reflection and breathe the way to ease. 

Fascia Fit Yoga

Fascia loves to glide. Abundantly filled with  receptors fascia is our internal communicator. It speaks and awakens the senses. Dualistic in its qualities it can both glue tissue together or lubricate for fluidity. Fit fascia is fluid, elastic, energy efficient and communicative. Come bounce with us!