Inspirational Stories: Pennies from Heaven

This story was originally written for personal reasons over a year ago, but it needs to be told again today. With the world in the grips of so much divisiveness and fear, pennies from Heaven sound like a glorious gift. So, to you, I give this gift – this inspirational story. May you tuck it in your heart, carry it with you alongside the discarded penny that you just picked up off the street, and pass it on.

Enjoying my morning cup of coffee in the middle of somewhere South Carolina, an elderly gentleman asked if he could chat.

Always, say yes.

While listening to his stories about his wife and kids and travels and how God has guided him and will always provide for him, my mind started to wander, thinking about what he said. I have always felt my “church” to be the mountains and nature.

So, sitting here below a canopy of trees, listening to the birdsong, and the inspirational stories from Herbert, our new neighbor (even if only for a day), I can’t help but be impressed with his faith, his commitment and his newfound peace in life.

He talked about borrowing his brother’s car and leaving it all behind to move to Florida, realizing about half-way through his journey, that one cannot run away from oneself.  He turned around and went back home.

Being the nomadic person that I am, I can understand what Herbert was saying. I used to think that the stress in my life was solely based on my job and the traffic that I had to endure to get there. I have since realized that I am the same person I was before moving into an RV and becoming this nomadic soul that I am today. My stresses didn’t disappear. My worries didn’t dissipate into the night air. My life didn’t become all rainbows and unicorns. No mindset change will do that.

But what has changed since moving into an RV, is how I react to the world.  I changed my language of “I can’t” to “I can”, and then “I did”. I realized, through a lot of self-talk struggles, arguments with my spouse, and crying with friends, that my emotions are what I choose.

We moved into an RV, not to run away from life, but to find more of it.

And more of it we did, as evidenced in the many wonderful people we have met, like Herbert, for example.  With his only agenda for the morning being to say hi to his new neighbors and to offer us his pennies from Heaven.

“If you find a penny, tail side up, turn it over and then pick it up.”

So no matter what your adventure, your religion, your beliefs, pick up the penny, and create a life full of faith, commitment, peace and inspirational stories.

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