Integrated Natural Health is Creating a New Map with New Partners, new Classes, and New Programs

Integrated Natural Health is proud to announce new partners, new classes, and new programs, to give you the best route to success. A map, you could say. One that belongs to you and guides you to your uniquely balanced, kick-ass personal and professional lifestyle. One that feeds your soul, invigorates your body, and calms your mind.

We are here to make your someday your nowday.  

We have gathered an extensive toolbox of wellness practices, uniquely designed programs and a collaborative team of wellness professionals to co-create your map.

What the heck is this map that we’re all talking about?! We like to think of it as a map because we all love nature. We love to get outside and experience this magical world that we’re surrounded by and venture into the unknown; while knowing we have a backup plan and one another’s backs. You may think of it as a map, a plan or a journey – whatever the word is doesn’t matter. The reality is you don’t accomplish your goals accidentally! It doesn’t matter if that goal is to climb Mount Everest, lose 10 pounds, touch your toes or be more in touch with your mind. 

We’re the Integrated Natural Health team, and we envision wellness as the next pandemic. I know… know… We’ve all had enough of that word, pandemic, this year – trust me. But just take a quick moment and envision a world that is healthier, more compassionate, and more open. We won’t get there without a lot of us moving in the same direction together. That’s what we mean.

Join us for a live, free conversation.

Wellness is another one of those big words, but instead of getting deep into what we mean by wellness I’d love to invite you to join us for a live conversation on July 29th at 8:00 PM Eastern / 5:00 PM Pacific. 

We want to actually have a conversation with you and hear about where you’re at right now. This is not a cookie cutter thing, trust me. So click here to get your personal link to join.

We can’t wait to share more about what we’re doing with you and to learn from you.

Make Someday Your Nowday!

Click here to check out all the new course offerings coming soon.

Meet our team that will help you do exactly that. Click here to read their stories.

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