Invisible Lessons from Donuts and Cinnamon Rolls

We look for signs and lessons in everything we do. A big life decision? “Please give me a sign, so I know what to do,” we plead to whomever it is we plead to. Feeling down and not ourselves? “Just show me something to make my life better,” we continue to beg. Ironically, those lessons and signs that we are looking for show up in the darnedest of places…donuts and cinnamon rolls, for example. Or anywhere else you will never think of looking…hence, invisible lessons.

Second Donut Buddies

As told by Theresa, INH EDUCATOR

When I was about eight years old my dad brought Dunkin’ Donuts home. This was such a rare treat. There are eight kids and Mom and Dad at the table. We all ate a delicious donut and then there were two left. Dad was going to have one and that left one donut and eight kids! 

So, Dad set the rules, “As a team, come up with a fair way to decide who gets the donut.”

Ok, so not eight-year-old Theresa, but you get the picture.

A discussion began and ideas were offered: Pick straws, guess a number … and I repeatedly interjected, “But I have an idea!” Ignored, nobody paid any attention to me. The discussion continued.

It was the Boston cream one. With chocolate on top. My favorite to this very day. 

They continued to discuss and I uttered another, “But I have an idea,” falling on deaf ears. So, I reached over, picked up the donut and ate it! And nobody noticed as they argued over the donut. 

I had Boston cream on my chin and chocolate on my smiling lips when they finally decided who got the donut! (and it wasn’t me). 😂😂

Dad said, “You had to decide as a team, which means all members have a voice.”

So, he sided with me. I got the donut, did not get in trouble, and Dad and I became second donut buddies.

Eat the F**kin’ Cinnamon Roll!

As told by April, INH Writer

Living in an RV brings me to new places almost on a daily basis, so coming across a bakery in the middle of nowhere Montana wasn’t a surprise. Doing our best to shop locally, we knew we had to stop here. Plus, freshly baked bread and pastries?  Yes, please!  But, oh, those calories. Then I saw the cinnamon rolls, and the conflict began.  Do I eat the cinnamon roll or not?

It was like the ultimate sign from the universe, “Eat the cinnamon roll,” some voice in my head stated. (I’d like to think it was my heart.)

“The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth.”


My internal argument ceased – except now I had to choose between apples or peaches on the cinnamon roll. The voices in my head kicked in again, arguing over which one looked better, but before Theresa could swoop in on my cinnamon roll like she did that donut, I decided on apple and practically ran out the door, exuberant with my choice of eating the cinnamon roll.

Invisible Lessons from Donuts and Cinnamon Rolls

An intentional lifestyle is one way of taking what we learn on the mat in Yoga into every moment of every day. It is making choices that will cultivate rich experiences that add joy, depth, balance and passion to our life. That lesson – the one that is hard to see – when you finally see it, the one that Yogis see quite often without looking too hard – well, when you see it, you might just be a yogi yourself. And all those invisible lessons – starting with the donut and the cinnamon roll – become as visible as the mat you are now determined to practice on.

And a whispered statement, one as simple as, “Eat the cinnamon roll,” that statement becomes a mantra for life. Enjoy the experiences you have been given. Let your eyes get big with delight as you feel your heartbeat quicken. Take a bite. Savor the complete experience, from the nervous anticipation all the way through to the memory of that last taste, when all you have are sweet memories.

Here’s to the super powers of an invisibility cloak! So much universal transformation happens when it is unnoticed. 💕 We have so much peace and love to spread and delicious treats to devour.

girl banging on the drums

Celebrate! These invisible lessons are gonna get loud!

Want more life lessons? We’ve got you covered!

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