Personal Development

Virtual classes and meet-ups involving yoga, stretching, nature, cooking, motivation, nutrition, and more.

Heart Centered Yoga


A one hour yoga practice focusing on balance around compassion and love for self and others, with connection to nature and its vibrant energy.

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Feel, Breathe, and Heal


A 30 minute yoga practice focusing on breath and its power to calm the mind, focus the energy, and motivate the body to perform at its highest level of consciousness.

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Body Sensing Yoga


A one hour yoga practice focusing on awareness of the body’s movements, abilities, and sensations to bring connection and balance to heart, mind, and body.

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Discovery Sessions

THURSDAYS 1:00 – 4:30 PM EST

Customized sessions to address your specific goals. Mindfulness, breath as medicine, self-massage, meditation, and foam rolling for stress, persistent pain, and prevention.

A 35% discount offered until August 1, 2020. Use coupon code 4TeleWellness2020.

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Theresa Macy, conducting a tele-wellness yoga therapy session

Lower Body Recovery

Coming Soon

Are you a hiker, biker, runner, and someone that challenges your lower extremities with impact and repetition? This session with Jeremy is designed to help lengthen and stretch your lower body muscles to counterbalance the tightening and shortening you experience from those activities you love.


Yoga for the Non-Yogi

Coming Soon

These sessions will focus on yoga fundamentals without the sanskrit! If you’ve never let an OM out into the universe but have been curious or if you want to get back to basics after really focusing on your inversion practice this session is for you! This class is an approachable and accessible way to learn something new, move, bend, and explore the relationship between your body and mind with Jeremy.

Meal Planning and Preparation Series

Coming Soon

In this series, Jeremy will take you through finding balance in your eating habits, the power of planning and preparation, and some basic tips on how to create amazing things from scratch without being a slave to the kitchen. No cooking skills or gourmet kitchen required and there will be ice cream breaks!

Dreams? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Dreams!

Coming Soon

Staying true to making your someday your nowday, in this one hour inspirational, get you excited, one-of-a kind virtual meet-up, April will introduce you to the idea that dreams are just that…dreams. She will give you tools to change how you think about your goals and dreams, turning them into action and realities.

Unplug by Plugging Into Nature

Coming Soon

Get away from your device and find the sound of sunshine instead. As an outdoor educator, April will walk you through a few tricks of the trade to connect you to self and the natural world. Using a variety of tools and activities, like sit spots, wide-angle vision, blindfolded walks, and more, you will recharge yourself, resulting in increased focus and joy in your everyday life.  You will not regret this 45 minutes.

Science with Santa

Coming Soon

Everyone knows Santa, but did you know that Santa reads research and wants to help you get a better understanding of our natural world. This series of brief talks with the jolly old elf will share with you current research about our natural world. Presented in a casual manner that befits our relationship with Santa. Join Santa and Integrated Natural Health for a discussion of current topical science.

Santa relaxes reading science

Insure your Connectivity

Coming Soon

Join Larry, our Santa-like IT Guru. Larry spent 20+ years working at the University of Pennsylvania supporting a section of the Psychiatry Dept as their Systems Administrator. Since he retired from Penn in 2017, he has been assisting family and friends in their computing troubleshooting and connectivity. Schedule a session with him to get your systems running optimally and insure your connectivity.

Connect by the lake

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