Not Just Any Wellness Coach, an Integrative Wellness Professional

Long gone are the days of going door to door to find the best wellness coach to fit your lifestyle. With that, long gone are also the days of choosing the first wellness coach you find. We don’t even trust recommendations from friends anymore. We get it; you’re not looking for just any wellness coach, and we aren’t your typical wellness professionals either. You need an Integrative Coach.

skeleton and love integrate together for an integrative coach not just a wellness coach
Your body and soul work together.

What is an Integrative Coach?

Generally when we think of a wellness coach, we think of someone similar to a personal trainer. A person who will coach you to get physically fit and create a wellness plan to keep you eating healthy and staying active. When you put a life coach into play, we seem to gravitate more towards a person who will help you find your career path and what it is you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

Utilizing these styles of coaching, we are compartmentalizing our lives. In fact, many professionals encourage that. Your boss probably encourages that. Keep your drama at home, they say. It has no place at work, they say. Keep your work at work. It has no place at home.

It’s not easy keeping all the pieces of our life separate. We have friends from work that become a part of our personal lives. We have been taught to find or create careers based on the things we love to do, making our work personal and very much so a part of our personal lives. Then we throw physical fitness into this complicated equation, so we can create the energy needed for both work and play.

girl banging on drums
Let’s make some noise. Let’s integrate the music of our souls with the science of our bodies.

But wait, now there’s this thing called COVID and all this compartmentalizing that we’ve been so diligently working on has been thrown completely out the window. So, how does one create this balanced life that we all seem to strive for? And isn’t balanced just another way to say compartmentalize?

Enter the word, “Integrative” meaning to bring together, to unite, to combine. Doctors, teachers, wellness professionals and countless of other coaches have recently realized that combining knowledge creates a plethora of solutions to whatever it is that ails us. From the devastating news of cancer to being run down and overworked bringing about diseases of lifestyles, wellness professionals have finally realized what it means to work together. We are finally coming to terms with the realistic definition of balance. It’s more about integration than separation.

And that is where an Integrative Coach comes into play. You’re not sick; you don’t need a doctor. However, you haven’t quite figured out what your life is supposed to be like, what it is you love to do, how to stop the pain in your shoulders, how to start the energy flowing to finally get on your bike, how to wake up in the morning full of joy and anticipation instead of sadness and dread. You don’t need just any wellness coach, you need an Integrative Coach. One that will bring all of your life components together to work with each other, instead of against each other. You need Theresa Macy.

Who is Theresa Macy?

Theresa Macy is a wellness professional, yes. She is trained in massage and yoga. But her background is much more than just a wellness professional and yoga teacher. Her background is full of real life events integrated with her education and her love of science and nature. Although she did not attend a traditional college or acquire the traditional degrees, this has never held her back. In fact, her nontraditional course of pursuing her dreams are what will help you finally determine how to realize and integrate your dreams into your reality. Not everyone is destined for college and a life as a CEO.

Theresa squatting in the Tucson desert
Theresa Macy practicing Yoga therapy her way!

Ironically, never following the college career path, Theresa lectures annually at several educational venues, including the University of Pennsylvania, a private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Recognizing Theresa’s unique credibilities and capabilities, UPENN invites Ms. Macy back year after year to discuss the benefits of Integrative Yoga Therapy.

She is the path to help bridge the gap between Eastern Medicine and Philosophy with Western Medicine. She isn’t a yoga teacher; she is a yoga therapist.

What’s the Difference Between a Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Therapist?

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. The term “yoga” in the Western world often denotes a modern form of Hatha yoga, consisting largely of postures called asanas.

Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga (International Association of Yoga Therapists – IAYT).

“Clients are usually not coming to learn yoga, but to get help with or relief from some symptom or health condition that is troubling them. In most cases, the instruction focuses on their condition and how the yoga techniques can help them feel better or improve their function, rather than on the techniques or methods of yoga practice.”

Gary Kraftsow, C-IAYT

Integrative Medicine

The use of yoga to mitigate disease-related symptoms in clinical populations is supported by
exponential growth in research in the past decade. It is easier to stay well than to get well, so utiizing integrative approaches also helps with diseases of lifestyle, such as sedentary work or over-use of muscles from training for your next marathon.

Medical practitioners used to refer to Eastern Medicine as alternative medicine, generally looking at it as secondary medicine. Let’s look at this through another lens: alternative schooling. Alternative schooling was looked at the same way as alternative medicine. It wasn’t the preferred way. And in education, in layman’s terms, alternative education generally meant troubled kids. We didn’t really know what to do with them, so try this instead.

This “try this instead” method, both in education and health and wellness turned out to be something of significance. Now being recognized both as relevant and a way to integrate a variety of thought and education to work together to provide real solutions, alternative medicine has gone from alternative to complementary to integrative. When we integrate, we create real solutions to real problems.

There is a growing body of evidence that has contributed to recommendations to modify the nation’s improvement goals from what is known in the medical industry as the triple aim: 1) improve care, 2) improve the health of populations and 3) reduce healthcare cost, to the quadruple aim (Berwick et al. 2008; Bodenheimer and Sinsky 2014; Sikka et al. 2015).

This fourth aim is to improve the experience of providing care through restoring joy and meaning for the patient and workforce (Balancing Clinical Practices).

Integrative medicine at its finest.

And your integrative professional, Theresa Macy, has been well ahead of this curve. Constantly working together with other wellness professionals, she will bring you the best care you didn’t even know you needed. Theresa is the wellness professional you want in your corner. She is your Integrative Coach.

So, whether it’s time to learn personally or professionally, learn from the person that has been bridging gaps her entire life, integrating science with the soul. Now that’s not just any wellness coach; that’s an Integrative Wellness Professional. And she’s here for you!

Your life pieces need to fit together so they can work together. For personal and professional guidance, we can get you motivated, moving, and thriving today.

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