Redefining Wellness and Balance

“Wellness doesn’t have a shape – it’s different for every lifestyle.” Theresa

Theresa Macy, Head of Education at Integrated Natural Health

We gathered a diverse group of individuals together for an honest, down-to-earth conversation about wellness and balance. Their definitions redefine these two words giving them a positive force that even I had never felt before this conversation.

With the world in turmoil as of late and Integrated Natural Health’s mantra of Making Someday Your Nowday, there has never been a better time to redefine wellness and balance. These itty bitty little words should not have the power to scare you away from living your best life; they should, instead, empower you to take action.

You can choose to use the world’s state as an excuse, or you can choose to use it as a clean slate. A chance to hit rewind, and do it right the second time around. What are you going to choose?  Are we going back to the same or are we starting something new?

If we feel like we’re challenged and have this clean slate, are we prepared to make the next steps? Do we have the support necessary to do so? What tools do you need to make these very necessary changes? Through community, we’ve got your back.

Let’s start the conversation on redefining wellness and balance.
This is it. In their words, raw and honest.

Meet Michelle – a semi-retired nurse, in the business for over 40 years

Wellness is to be able to live to see my family and to get out on my bike. Family, friends, and living a bit more simply is something that’s not so bad. My biggest challenge is attaining and maintaining the right weight.

Meet Ward – a retired 70-year-old now doing exactly what he wants

I was doing things that I was supposed to do when I wasn’t retired, but now I’ve gotten more comfortable on going with the flow and doing whatever I’d like. I don’t feel like there are a lot of things that I feel like I need to do at this point. Maybe there’s more I can be doing to create wellness, but maybe not.

Meet Gerry – an educational, technological expert

I’m not young, but don’t feel old and not ready to stop working; the journey is interesting. It’s taken me a number of decades along a career path to find my passion, resulting in work overload and lack of balance. But at the same time, I’ve learned to listen and create opportunity through the years, and listening and learning are key elements along the pathway to wellness.

“It’s through these experiences that sometimes we can push ourselves outside of the comfort zone and maybe find that happy medium and better balance in life.”

INH Wellness and Balance Conversation Participant

Meet Tiffany – full time RVer, still working on the road

As far as what I’m looking for regarding wellness, it’s more about energy and finding more of it.  I love the RV life and the flexibility, but trying to find the “balance” between enjoying local foods in different parts of the country and exploring the different areas is sometimes hard.

Meet Billy and Dani – full time RVers, working three jobs

We just have so many things to do, so finding balance within all of our passions is sometimes a struggle, but we seized our someday by moving into an RV and creating wellness and a passion for life through travel on the road.

Meet Jessica – athlete and travel lover, yet feeling left out of life

I love softball, but with COVID, it’s hard to stay active with so many sports not currently happening. I feel as though I am always searching for more ways to stay active and travel more. I’ve been watching many of my friends do a lot of traveling, and I feel like it’s time for me to start doing that. Maybe I need some guidance in creating the wellness that I need.

Meet Josh and Liz – retired couple, together for 63 years

Just get a partner like this, and you’ll have all the balance you’ll need. That’s all it takes for my balance. But still, we would like to live a healthier lifestyle, maybe a healthier diet and alternative exercises that we can both maintain without pain.

“It’s like a baseball team, if I win 50% of the time I’m better than any major league team out there. Nobody does 500. It’s always trying to get to that, so be happy with what you can accomplish and look at your mistakes. I’ll do better next time and go at it and do it again.”

INH Wellness and Balance Conversation Participant

Meet Steve – a laser engineer and full time RVer

I’m 43, and it’s time think about where I’m at, what I eat, what I drink, be more cautious about what I do, exercise now to prevent issues down the road. But at the same time, wellness is about learning to have fun with everything. It’s about moderation and not getting crazy about one thing or the other. Leave that last Bon Bon in the box.

Meet Melissa – educator and wellness professional

Wellness to me is feeling comfortable where you’re at, having energy, and finding a way to move your body that you love. I love yoga, pilates, barre classes, but I am always willing to try new things. I might like it.

Meet Kylie – substitute teacher and mom of three

For me wellness is learning. I’m learning yoga and constantly learning things from my kids. On the other hand, I need to become more focused on me first. It’s always been my household and then me. I know I need this and I need my mental and physical wellness, but obtaining that balance; I need accountability, too.

“The thing that is really hard when you start doing something new is to keep doing it – to try it enough to figure out if you really love it or not and is it good for me and what do I need to learn from that and do I need help with this?

Jeremy Bromwell, Head of Growth and Development at Integrated Natural Health

Meet Trisha and Kim – nine and eleven-year-old sisters and yogis in training

When we feel out of balance or sad, or we don’t know what we’re supposed to be doing right now, we just go outside and walk around in nature, talk to the animals. Because you can tell them anything that you want and anything that’s on your mind, and they never judge you, and they never talk back. That’s wellness.

Meet Julie – writer, dog-lover, full time RVer

Wellness came to me through COVID when I was laid off from my corporate job and finally started my own writing business, something that I’ve wanted to do all my life. Recently moving into an RV and traveling has also been a big part of my wellness recently. Now, finding a balance between eating well and indulging in the delicacies of where I am at each moment, that’s a struggle. I’d like to learn yoga and consistency with a movement routine, and I’m coming to the realization that I might need guidance on finding a healthy balance for me.

Meet Samantha – wellness professional, happiness seeker

Wellness and balance to me means not having to start at square one. It might help me to have a happiness coach. Someone who can help me out of a funk or the latest worry. Not so deep as a therapist but still with the intention of getting me on the right track. I’d like more motivation than information.

Meet Mike – blogger, editor, writer, and full time RVer

I’m learning Ideas to balance life in a better way rather than flying by the seat of my pants which usually means I’m working more on things I don’t want to work on, but have to work on, and I want to get more to a balance of life. Life should be more about integrating  joy into work.

Once I make that goal, I veer in many different directions, to have a group or somebody to keep me focused is a benefit – I need the accountability.

INH Wellness and Balance Conversation Participant

Redefining your wellness and balance – We can help!

Integrated Natural Health offers the path to put all of these ideas together for your lifestyle, a plethora of tools to create your best life. You bring what you want to a team that can co-create a wellness and balance plan that works for you; that gets you to where you want to go.

We are more than just your wellness coach. We are a community of people moving together in a direction that allows you to live a happier, more fulfilled life – whatever that looks like for you. As a community we can help each other with that positive mindset and keep moving forward.

INH group April Theresa Larry Jeremy
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We’re here to help build an action plan for those that need inspiration, motivation, accountability and action. And we’re with you every step of the way.

Integrated Natural Health gives you:

  • one-on-one accountability sessions
  • classes geared towards your wants and needs (i.e., cooking, yoga, nutrition, inspiration, business development, and more)
  • a complete action plan to get you moving towards your life goals
  • a community of like-minded people working together for inspiration, accountability, and action
  • a plethora of tools to keep you on the path towards your definition of wellness and balance
  • a team of professionals that understands the realities of the real-world, working together with you to create your best life
  • trainers, educators, and teachers that empower their clients and students
  • continuing education courses for wellness professionals and those seeking to improve their current business
  • a competitive pricing structure – one that allows you to finally take action!

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