Santa Claus Collaborates with Integrated Natural Health

Even Santa Claus needs some health time. And Integrated Natural Health (INH) needs some Santa time. This holiday season, Santa Claus and Integrated Natural Health have teamed up to bring kids and adults of all ages a Santa visit not soon forgotten.

Think you’re too old for Santa Claus? Too educated or too sophisticated? I’ve got news for you: nobody is too old for a magical visit from Santa. And if you can’t let go of that age thing, chances are you have kids, or nieces and nephews, maybe even a few grandchildren, and they still believe in the magic of the holidays and Good Ole’ Saint Nick.

Santa reads bedtime stories
Stories with Santa

Santa Claus has a New Elf

With all that’s been going on in this crazy, beautiful world of ours this year, we all need a little help. And something different to match the needs of this unknown world we find ourselves in, may be exactly what we need to create a little holiday spirit this season and beyond.

Santa has a new elf. Integrated Natural Health is excited for its new job title. After, all what’s more yoga-like than an elf?

Theresa Macy
Isn’t she pretty? Wait?! Is this Santa’s new elf or could it be Mrs. Claus?

Elves are Masters of Yoga

Elves, while jubilant and full of energy and excitement, must maintain a calm and inner peace to help Santa get through the busiest of days setting up for the holidays. I bet you didn’t know they lead a meditation and intention setting session every morning. They also help Santa and Mrs. Claus wind down for the day with an evening yin yoga session. (Mrs. Claus actually helps the elves a lot. She just lets them believe they are in control) Without these Masters of Yoga, Santa would be tense, stressed and just an everyday grumpy old man with a cool beard.

Santa is always on the lookout for new elves, and he has definitely hit the jackpot with the team at INH.

Santa takes a break
Santa in Nature – Or is he practicing yoga?

Santa Claus Happenings with Integrated Natural Health

I can hear your thoughts as you are reading this. “But Santa…a visit…this year?” We answer with a resounding, “YES!”

Of course, we will follow all the guidelines to keep you and your children safe. Besides, how do you think Santa really gets around the world in one night? Virtually, of course, on any night you choose. That’s the magic of Santa. (Some people call it the internet; we know it’s Santa Claus and the magic of the holidays all year round.)

Santa Claus is a gift . Someone we will never fully unwrap, and that’s the beauty of this wonderful soul. He brings us joy, magic and pure whimsical wonder. He makes us laugh without inhibitions, believe without doubts and love without judgment.

Bring Santa to your home this holiday season with a virtual meet-up, a story telling session, a visit with Santa in nature, a science lesson with Santa, and more. Gift certificates are available, along with opportunities to provide hunger relief to those in need.

Science with Santa
Science with Santa – How does Santa’s sleigh fly?

How do I schedule a Santa visit?

To schedule your magical Santa visit and for more information on all the ways Santa can bring joy to your household, click here to get started.

Your holiday season will never be the same again. Not when Santa pays your children a very special visit. (And secretly, you will be just as excited as you were when you climbed upon that dresser so long ago at the age of four, to call Santa yourself, making sure he knew you were being good – oh wait, that’s my story not yours.)

The greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper; they are wrapped in love.

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