Self-Care September

Self-care? Does it really need its own month? It does when you decide it does. And here at INH, our partners have decided it’s time for some serious self care. If we are going to walk the walk and talk the talk, then we’ve got to take care of ourselves as much as we want our members, students and clients to do the same thing.

We are taking the month of September to explore, to create, and to connect to ourselves, so that we may better connect to you.

Hands in heart shape for Self Care September

How will this impact me?

You may see less of us on social media, but you won’t be far from our thoughts. As we take the time to explore and create, you will ultimately see more of us through increased content to include added wellness classes, on demand classes, meditations through audio and visual tools, and more.

We are inviting you to join us for your very own self-care September. Take this month to look within yourself. To find your creative side, your active side, your calm side. To take the time needed to learn more about what brings you joy, and how you can pass that joy onto all the aspects of your world and beyond.

This is how self-care starts. From within. From finding what brings you joy. The world needs more joy, and it starts with you.

Strategies to Get You Started on Your Self-Care Journey

#1 Decide that you are important.

We hope that this is an easy decision to make, but we also know how many of you put everyone else first, so making that decision that you are just as important as your children or your fur babies or anyone else very loved in your life, we understand this decision can be difficult. However, deciding that you are an integral piece to not only your life, but everyone you surround yourself with, is a vital decision.

Today, tell yourself, “I am important. I am necessary. I am needed.”

Once you have done this, then the next step becomes much easier.

Seva & Thor & Theresa & Amy
Treat yourself as though you are as important as your fur babies because you are!

#2 Decide that you come first.

Yep, we know. You have a lot of people depending on you. After all, you are important, necessary, and needed. We’ve covered that. But in order for you to remain all those things to all those people that rely on you, you have to come first. If you’re not well, then how do you expect to take care of the people that need you?

Even the airline attendants know that you come first. You get on an airplane and you’re told to put on your oxygen mask before helping your beloved child in the seat next to you. But it’s true, if you can’t breathe, then you can’t help said beloved child.

So, commit to you first, even if that commitment is only 15 minutes in the morning everyday, commit to it. Your day, your self. And all those that need you will be grateful. More importantly, you will be grateful. After all, you are first, so you are what really counts. Be selfish, so you can be selfless.

Jeremy selfcare stretch and bend
Take the time you need to get to know you.

#3 Create self-care that brings you joy

So now you’ve decided you are important and you come first. Great, what do you do for you for your self-care? Whatever brings you joy. No, no, not makes you smile or happy…Joy!

What exactly is the difference between joy and happiness? I think the easiest way to explain this is that joy is something continuous throughout your life, something that initially makes you smile and keeps you happy, but has long lasting effects on how you view your life.

Happiness, on the other hand, is something that makes you smile for a moment, but can dissipate the moment you stop focusing on it and go back to whatever in your day was irritating you in the first place.

So when seeking self-care activities that bring you joy, seek something that’s deeper than just getting through a three-mile run so that you can pat yourself on the back for finishing it. Seek out the entire training process to get you to something bigger than just a three-mile run. Seek out that marathon. Seek out an activity that has lasting, joyful impact on your complete self.

Larry Santa hat
Santa will not bring you joy all perfectly wrapped. Only you can do that.

Self-Care Belongs to You

This takes time. And that is why we here at INH have committed to an entire month of self-care. I imagine you are looking for some self-care ideas. Something along the lines of yoga classes or meditation pieces or skin care techniques or…

Yes, we’ve got yoga classes. In fact we’re adding more and changing it up a bit, keeping things fresh, so stay tuned. However, those are just a tiny piece of self-care strategies. Your self-care begins with you and your joy. We cannot create that joy for you. We can encourage you. We can sign you up for classes. We can give you an entire month and say start now.

But you are in charge of you. Go explore, create, connect…within.

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This is not the end, my friend.
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