The Ultimate Gift: Holistic Well-being

Gifts come in many shapes and forms.  Sometimes they are expected; others quite the surprise. But the ultimate gift is one that teaches a lesson and gives your entire being something to ponder. That is the gift that I received this past week, and I am excited to share it with you – the gift of understanding that holistic well-being starts from within.

What is holistic well-being?

It’s simple actually. Holistic well being involves taking a complete approach to your well-being, your whole self – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional self – everything that makes you, you.

Is there really a better way to learn from within than getting hands on learning from a dissection workshop? This may sound quite morbid, but to understand our complete well-being and to give our bodies the care and attention they deserve, we should understand how they function from the inside out.

Dissecting from within with Dr. Gil Hedley

I have wanted to attend a dissection workshop with Dr. Gil Hedley for years. Dr. Hedley focuses on creating an integral and holistic approach to human anatomy, bringing about an understanding between the connections of the physical body to the rest of the natural and spiritual world.

Being a skilled kinesthetic learner, I respect that my hands are my best teachers and perhaps if I had the scalpel in my hand, I would tell a different story, but since virtual learning was my only option, I stepped into a virtual lab and quenched my brain’s desire to learn more about holistic well-being from within.

Dr. Hedley’s holistic approach to the human body bridges the mind-body-soul connection layer to layer, cell to cell, atom to atom, from the largest visible layer of the human body to the tiniest, microscopic, most complex layer of all that the universe is made up of.

© Fascia Research Society. Photography by Thomas Stephan
© Fascia Research Society. Photography by Thomas Stephan

He seamlessly blends the anatomy of the physical body, to the subtle body, to social cultural influences.  His education, stories and teaching style appeal to my own style. Blending the arts and the sciences of our lifestyle choices, spiritual beliefs, mindful practices, prevention, healthcare and historical norms.

So why does this matter and what does it have to do with me?

To help you understand your story from within, you must first understand Eugene’s story.

Eugene’s Story

Eugene is a name I chose out of respect for this gift. You see Eugene is actually a cadaver. This cadaver was once a vibrant being, one that walked the planet with us and shared the same air as us, 

Our bodies tell the story of the time we spend as an integrated part of the earth and through Eugene I had a unique lens to study the physical being of us as humans. 

Through Dr. Hedley’s dissection workshop, I was able to piece together the intimate story of Eugene’s journey, post mortem. Seeing scars of past injuries and surgeries, religious and cultural choices of being uncircumcised, musculoskeletal structural support, and visceral connection allowed us to create our version of his story. Each injury left a scar, each trauma left its mark, and each therapy offered a solution to an imbalance.

The Ultimate Gift

We were granted access to his internal environment with Eugene’s intimate gift to advance our understanding of the science of the human body. A gift to gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to enhance human health and well-being. I cannot help but admire the compassionate spirit of this gentleman. The ultimate act of human kindness. Offering oneself to serve the many.  I can’t speak to his motivations, but I can share this story and its impact.

Eugene’s act of kindness helped me understand the physical body in more depth. But more noticeably my understanding of the holistic being touched me emotionally and spiritually.

This experience deepened my understanding of the evolving paradigm shift to complimentary integrative whole person well-being and the recognition, that we as individuals, are tiny integrative parts of our community that support or weaken societal balance, ultimately affecting earth’s holistic well-being.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Coretta Scott King

My personal mission has remained the same throughout my learning journey. Person centered approach to care heals the individual, heals the community, and heals the earth that supports and nourishes us.

I wonder if Eugene had a practice of self-exploration, mindfulness, or meditation? I feel connected to his spirit as the unknown recipient of his gift. Did he realize when he made his donation decision that the connection would transcend the physical and become energetic and spiritual? 

Did he realize his donation was the ultimate gift? Helping us to fully understand that holistic well-being is connected to the universe, and not just the physical body?

Your Holistic Well-Being

What will your physical body say about you? Are you treating it with kindness and respect?  Are you giving it the love and care it deserves? This physical being is the only one we have for this planet. What are you doing to put your body upon the pedestal it deserves? Because believe me, if you are putting anything physical upon a pedestal, it should be your body.  

Curious about discovering more about how you can treat your whole being? Need some guidance to get you on your unique path to discovering yourself from within?

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