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Integrated Natural Health provides virtual courses for massage and yoga professionals that make the complicated simple and the mundane breathtaking.

The Tree: A Professional Development Package

Apr 30 2020  –  Jun 25 2020

Courses reigniting passion. Mentoring invigorating body and mind. Pathways leading to mastery.

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The Seed: Create Your Own Continual Learning Package

Apr 30 2020  –  May 28 2020

A customizable path for life-long learners seeking that next level of connection to their practice and their clients.

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The Forest: A Practice Development Package

Apr 30 2020  –  Oct 06 2020

Courses that develop masterful communication skills, increase client relationships & build intentional business practices.

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Theresa Macy – speaking on practice development

Gems of Practice Development

May 28 2020

Enhance your content through expanded communication and business skills.

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Fascia Release Lower Body Techniques

Jun 04 2020  –  Jun 18 2020

Explore movement, postural assessments, treatment strategies and clinical reasoning skills for the lower body.

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Ethics: Conflict Resolution

Jun 25 2020

Address conflict with self and cultivate awareness of intuitive signals to create mindfulness and resolution.

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