Yoga Teachers for Black Lives Matter: Online yoga classes and fundraiser


Yoga – It’s your thing. It calms you; it energizes you. It grounds you; it raises you up. It is needed now more than ever. Because of this, you are invited to join a collaborative online fundraiser: Yoga Teachers for Black Lives Matter.

Yoga is what has kept you from falling under or climbing under a rock during the entirety of 2020. A year that you may have looked upon as hopeful, as a new beginning. It is after all, a new decade, a rebirth. A chance to be the person you have always wanted to be. A chance to follow through on all the dreams we have set for ourselves over the years, months, weeks, minutes. 2020 was going to be THE year.

2020 – The Year of Hope

Then the pandemic hit. And that was only the beginning.

When we heard about the tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd it made us aware that systemic racism is still running rampant within our country.

And people took action. They took to the streets, most in peaceful protests, some through riots. Weeks later, the media may have slowed down their reports, but our ability to create change and take action should not be based on how often the media reports on something.

So what can we do as yoga enthusiasts? Meditate our way through this? Focus on self well-being and forget about the rest of the world?

That is one way – actually, the easy way. But we all know that the easy way is usually not the right way. The easy way leads us down a path of complacency and denial. The hard way, now that creates change, and change is never easy.

So when breath is taken away, we must fight back. It is a struggle to breathe when life gets hard, but at least we can breathe. We are here. We can do something.

On an individual level, breath deprivation damages our systems and negatively affects the mind and body. At the societal level, racism does the same to the fabric of our civilization and norms. We must do better than that—we owe this to ourselves and to our children. We are obligated to leave for them a better world than the one we inherited.

Matra Raj
President, IAYT Board of Directors

So we will breathe. We will take action. And we will use our unique values and skills to create a better world through yoga.

Yoga Teachers for Black Lives Matter

If we are living in unprecedented times, we will create unprecedented events. Join Theresa and many other yoga instructors, therapists, enthusiasts, and musical artists in a collaborative, virtual yoga fundraising event.

Connect with the yoga community to create change within yourself today so that you may take action for a better world tomorrow.

Yoga Teachers for Black Lives Matter
Online Yoga Classes / Online Fundraising
June 13 – June 20

How To Register and Donate

  1. Download or access your Venmo account. Click here to go directly to Venmo.
  2. Donate via Venmo @trina-shumsonk
    Suggested Donations:
    $01 – 20 – I will support
    $21 – 40 – I will participate
    $41 and up – I will be the change
  3. Include a note: Yoga Teachers for Black Lives Matter and your email address to receive class links.
  4. Join the Facebook event page for the most recent class additions and pertinent information.
  5. Check your email for up-to-date class links prior to the event.
  6. Participate in as many classes as you would like.
  7. After the event, you will receive a summary of the proceeds raised.

Where Will the Donations Go?

Donations will be equally allocated to:

  • Compensation to yoga teachers of color and guest artists participating in the fundraiser
  • Organizations committed to fighting racial injustice
  • A scholarship fund for black individuals seeking financial assistance for any Yoga Teacher Training program in the Philadelphia/Trenton Area.

If we can run our communities with the same principles that our bodies function, we would have outstanding communities.  We can deform our communities and break things down that don’t work just as the body breaks down when in motion and exercise, then has a healing period, then when that same load is introduced again, it says, ‘I’m going to make you stronger in this plane.’  It deforms and reforms.  This is the great communicator.  

Theresa Macy
Founder, Integrated Natural Health

Maybe 2020 can be the year that we had hoped for. Maybe through deform, we can reform. After all, hindsight is always 2020.

See you on the mat.
Om Shanti – Namaste.

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