You Might be a Yogi if…

Some wise person once told me that I was a Yogi. I laughed at her and shrugged it off.

But that statement really got me thinking more on what a Yogi really is in the day to day sense of the word. Could she have been correct? Was I a Yogi?


I joke that I practice Yoga-ish. I grudgingly pull out my mat once a week – if that. Maybe she thinks I might be a Yogi because I own an actual yoga mat. But seeing me practicing my Yoga-ish? I don’t know the proper poses. I fall over. I don’t know the breathing. I definitely don’t like practicing yoga in front of other people who really know yoga. I feel like I’m back in middle school just wanting to fit in, and I definitely do not fit in when it comes to practicing yoga. I, in fact, stand out like a sore thumb.

So, again – me a Yogi?! Ha! No way!

April practicing yoga outside
No fancy yoga pants necessary, nor knowledge, for that matter. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I will try.

What does being a Yogi really mean?

But what if she meant I was a Yogi in another sense of the word? When I write about gaining wellness and balance, I’m not the poster child for those two words, but I do know that living a balanced life means being out of whack every now and again. I’m pretty good at being out of whack. Maybe my wise friend, meant that I was a Whacki, not a Yogi.

That’s when the lightbulb finally lit.

Being a Yogi doesn’t mean you practice on the mat every morning, meditating and breathing in perfect unison with the universe. It doesn’t mean that you are a vegan or a hippie, or a tree hugger, or a Buddhist. In the day to day struggles and joys, yoga means that you strive for wellness and balance in your life.

For me that means mountain biking, hiking, maybe some Yoga-ish, running. Anything that gets me away from my computer for a moment…to breathe, to move, to recharge. Then, in the evening, when work is done, the day waning, I’ve earned my beverage of choice. I’ve earned the stillness around a campfire. I’ve created my wellness and balance for that moment in time. I’ve earned my Yogi badge.

April sitting next to a campfire
These would make great yoga pants!

So, you might be a Yogi if…

  • you are inspired by nature.
  • you love vegetables, but that steak every once in awhile awakens your raw intensity.
  • you like lifting weights because the weight of the world no longer feels so heavy when you do so.
  • you don’t like lifting weights, so you find something else that takes off the weight of the world.
  • you can’t even find your yoga mat, but you still try to practice.
  • you hate stretching, but you still try.
  • you enjoy learning about your body and why it’s doing the things it’s doing.
  • you are open to new ideas and actively engage in them.
  • you enjoy a good cry every now and then.
  • you love to laugh.
  • you say hi to strangers and smile at them.
  • you know what the word moderation means, and you take action from it.
  • you forget what moderation means, but remember soon after you forget.
  • you have good intentions, and act upon those intentions, most times.
  • you breathe through mental and physical pain, or at least try.
  • you see the positive in everything, well, most things, well, you at least try.
  • you recognize the need to surround yourself with good people, and do your best to do so.
  • You speak up for your beliefs and for others.
  • you know that movement is important, so you move, most times.
  • you live life, not just wallow through it.
  • you create realities from your dreams.
  • you don’t let fear hold you back, and you welcome a challenge, most days.
  • you know that balance and wellness in life does not mean perfection, it means forgiving yourself and others, getting back up when you fall, and learning from mistakes, successes, people, and nature.
  • you are a good person.
  • you have faith in something larger than yourself.
  • you have faith in humanity.
  • you have faith in you!

I guess I might be a Yogi. How about you?

Yoga is nothing like middle school. You don’t have to fit in. You don’t have to practice in yoga pants or even have a yoga mat. You don’t even have to know what you’re doing.

On the other hand, you do have to be willing to try, to make mistakes and to laugh at yourself. If you think you might be a Yogi, but need a bit more guidance in getting there, send us a note.

We’ll get you started on your Yogi journey.

And whether you’ve taken classes many times before, or never before, or somewhere in between, our classes and consultations will meet you where you need to be met.

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