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Fascia Integration Techniques - Balancing Spiral Patterns

Friday October 18, 2019 ~ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm  Saturday & Sunday October 19 & 20 - 9:00 am - 6 pm

I thought a castle would be a fun place for a massage CE weekend retreat! 

Arrive at the castle early, while enjoying a cup of tea in the gallery, ease into your weekend of sharing, learning, supporting, collaborating and connecting with your tribe.

Calm your mind, cultivate presence and set your intention meditating together in the body and soul room.

Participate in a gentle experiential anatomy and body awareness practice. Embody the spiral fascial lines from within, as we practice a sequence of tilts, twists and spirals. What the body feels, the tissues remember. Educate your mind through your body.

Bring your favorite lunch, linger on the terrace, build lasting relationships with colleagues and enjoy each other's company. Share ideas, best practices and help each other succeed on our shared journey of transforming wellness with healing touch. 

Clear and reenergize your mind with an after-lunch integration of knowledge yoga nidra (this was one of the best parts of my yoga therapy training). Emerge restored and ready to be FasciaNated.

Explore the healing benefits of compassionate touch and movement. Create transformative fascia focused body work sessions that surface from a deep place of intuitive knowledge. 

Take a deep breath and reflect.

Come back tomorrow and do it again! 

NCBTMB Provider # 451117-09 18 CE's

Inspired by Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains, Dr. Robert Schleip’s Fascial Fitness Program and Dr. Antonio Stecco’s Fascia Manipulation, this course will challenge, excite and transform the services you offer. 

Correct imbalances to reduce pain and improve function. Shifts, tilts, rotations and twists in all areas of the body are addressed in this course.  The spiral line maintains balance across all the planes of movement. focused on head tilts, neck, rib cage, hip and shoulder rotations are findings significant with an imbalance in the spiral lines. 


Early commitments $380 expires 9/27/19 enter FASCIANATED during checkout) 

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OCTOBER 6, 2019 3:30 - 7:30 PM 4 CE's $65

You will be greeted by the crackling sound of a campfire and the scent of pine on the October breeze.  Glowing bright yellow and orange dancing flames warm the cool autumn afternoon.  Cozy up close with a warm cup of tea, coffee or hot cider. 

This professional communication and ethics course focuses on connecting to a greater awareness of intention, presence, and focus. Observing the internal landscape with attention at the quiet still level of the mind cultivates an intuitive awareness of personal patterns. Through relaxed focus and deep sensorial listening a heightened self-intelligence informs a greater understanding of your intuitive signals when internal ethical conflicts arise. This level of internal understanding is an invaluable awareness to recognize external conflicts, your personal reactions, and strategies throughout the entire conflict resolution process. Research-based mindfulness tools such as meditation, breath awareness, and somatic movement have been shown to positively affect autonomic physiological processes. Awareness of the qualities of contact, presence, mindfulness, and self-awareness leads to a transformative care-giver/care-receiver relationship. Mindful engagement with the present moment benefits you and the care-receivers you work with.

S'mores fixings and warm apple cider provided.

NCBTMB Provider # 451117-09 

This workshop is open to Massage Therapists and Yoga Teachers

Please bring a chair and if you would like a snack. 

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Raise the Vibration of Wellness

I believe that connection, compassion, healing touch, and mindfulness are the roots of wellness. By empowering individuals to slow down, listen deeply to their hearts desire, explore their internal landscape and nurture their natural healing wisdom they find peaceful ease. I ignite a passion for wellness by creating transformative healing sessions and continuing education programs that bridge modalities, ancient wisdom, pioneering research, mindful practices, and healing touch. 

My vision is to empower wellness, up level quality of life, and embody prevention practices  through education and programming offered in natural setting.  

Passionately promoting wholistic wellbeing


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